Advancing Indonesia’s Economy by Increasing
  Electrification Rate using Renewable Energy

By the year of 2025, Indonesia’s population is expected
to reach 285 million, an increase of 35 million compared to 2015.
It is clear that the current trend will have a significant impact
on the national energy demands.

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Challenges the Energy Sector are Facing Today

Indonesia has a huge potential in renewable energy
with the ability to generate 200,000 MW.
However, only 6.8% has been realised so far.

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Between now and 2050, the global economy is set to grow
fourfold, whilst in developing countries,
the growth can go as far as tenfold.

Depleting fossil fuel reserve & price volatility

Fossil fuel is not renewable, and this will lead
to a shortage in conventional fuel production
and supply in the next 20 years.
Therefore, the price of fossil fuel is expected
to increase substantially over time.

The high carbon emission from
conventional electrical power plants

Carbon emission can cause negative effects in our lives,
such as respiratory diseases, aggravated growth of cancer
cells due to pollutants and damaging the environment.


The promising national economic performance,
which is indicated by economic growth
over the years will contribute to increasing
the demand for energy usage.

Limited access to electrical grids nationwide

The high cost of constructing electrical grids
and their supporting infrastructures leads to
a shortage in electrical supply and uneven access
to electricity and has a direct impact to the
economic development in remote areas.

Smart Technology Tailored to Your Specific Needs

SUN takes pride in constantly offering solutions
to clients with professional installations,
innovative designs and excellent after-sales services.

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SUN is already successful in providing renewable energy
solutions over Indonesia. We are making changes for a brighter world.
We are dedicated to our clients, as our solutions, services and
technologies use superior quality products to deliver
effective impacts. We utilise the latest technology,
which complies with SNI standard.

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We believe that every customer has unique and different needs, ranging from solar-powered electronics to smart energy management systems. Therefore, we tailor our solutions and services to your specific needs.
SUN is committed to deploying the most advanced technologies in every solution to customers, such as smart energy management platforms and real-time monitoring systems.
Carbon emission produced by fossil fuels impacts negatively on the environment, it delivers serious hazards to humans and nature. Our renewable energy solutions can help eliminate those negative impacts and bring less damage to our environment.
Our panel manufacturers offer a 10-year product warranty from the date of installation. Batteries’ (non-grid systems/hybrids) warranty is between 1-10 years and inverter’s warranty is roughly 3-10 years. Furthermore, power output has 25 years warranty and service warranty is 1 year. Terms and conditions may apply.

Let’s Make a Change! It's Possible and Worthwhile.

Renewable energy is growing rapidly. It is a significant
source of electricity in many countries today and in the
future. Let's move towards cleaner energy!