The most powerful impact is achieved through
the provision of electrical infrastructure

Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populous nation, and the planet’s largest archipelago blessed with abundant natural resources. However, there are still millions of Indonesians living near these resources who
do not have access to clean water, education and infrastructures. 

Apart from our commercial activities, Surya Utama Nuansa (SUN) initiating a social campaign called 365withSUN. This campaign aims to increase awareness about renewable energy and Indonesia’s electrification rate through renewable energy. Renewable energy plays an important role in the increasing electrification rate to stimulate economic growth, health care and education. 

365withSUN / #365withSUN
“Creating positive impact through Renewable Energy”

The infrastructure plays an important role in the electrical provision. More than 15,000 villages in Indonesia are not covered by PLN grid, which means that more than 40,000,000 people have very limited to no access to electricity.

With our social campaign 365withSUN, we hope to increase awareness of renewable energy and raise the electrification rate in Indonesia using renewable energy.

365 represents the number of days in a year. On which we will tirelessly encourage people to join us in familiarising renewable energy and delivering positive impacts to the nation.

365 means that we go beyond the boundaries (365 degrees). Both virtual (gain knowledge about renewable energy through online media) and in reality (experience SUN’s solutions). Both in cities (on-grid and smart home solutions) and villages (PAYG, solar kiosk, solar smart home). For all households business and government segments.