Take control of your energy cost

Find out if your business or organisation
is suitable for solar energy. Spend less and get more out
of your energy investment through SUN’s solutions.

Street lighting is considered crucial
to any facility's infrastructure,
not only for safety but also for security.

SUN’s smart street lighting system minimises the existing technical and operational cost; it provides better light intensity, lower electricity consumption, longer battery life and the ease of maintenance through the remote monitoring system. Using the latest technology with SNI certification, SUN's street lighting radiates more
intensely and brighter.

Our smart street light has the world’s first remote monitoring system with data logging function that connects to the wireless network. This feature makes monitoring your equipment from theft and malfunction easy. At the same time, it provides accurate real-time system status update.
Having the energy provided by renewable energy sources means subtracting the numbers in your electricity bills. It’s possible for any community - from industrial to ecological - to reduce today’s energy consumption and harmonising forces of nature. We should be working with the planet.
SUN provides products that are suited for public parks. Various light colours (yellow/white) and intensity make SUN’s smart streetlight perfect for public facilities. Lamp heights come in a range of 3-10 metres. SUN also provides a lighting system for one-way or two-way street parking area with the specification of 6-10 metres single arm lamp pole and the power of 22 LUX Lighting.
SUN offers a unique combination of Nano Coating and Automated Air Cleaning to maintain the performance of solar panels in dirty conditions.

As an energy solution provider,
SUN maximises the potential
of solar energy using high-quality solar panels

Off-grid or decentralised electricity system has been considered as the preferred mode of the main electricity supply to geographically remote and populated rural areas that are not covered by the conventional electricity grid. SUN uses the most advanced and high-efficiency solar panels for our off-grid solar systems.

Hybrid Generation

Questions? We have answers.

Our dedicated team will handle everything from start to finish.

We will guide you through the process and keep you informed about what's happening every step of the way.

Large Building On-Grid

Combining renewable energy sources and the national electricity grid,
we strive towards providing a better energy supply.
This will not only save your electricity bill but will also change
the general outlook towards your image as a leading company
that supports clean and green energy.

Enterprise EMS

More than 300 companies operate in remote areas located outside of PLN grid. SUN can combine the sources such as diesel genset, hydro, wind and solar energy to produce electricity, creating a reliable electricity supply, especially for forestry and oil & gas industry sectors. We truly understand that maximising energy usage is the key to saving energy costs. Using a smart energy management system can save energy usage up to 30%. No more wasted electricity from now on.

Delivering sustainable and smart power solutions

Advancing Indonesia’s economy by increasing electrification rate
using renewable energy. Start saving your energy
with a better control of your energy consumption,
save on your utility bills by using a clean and renewable energy.

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