Going solar means saving the planet
and your monthly utility bills at the same time

Through SUN's solar home and solar home industry systems,
you can now power electronics in your household with the plans that meet your needs.
By doing this, you also enhance the local economy where the community will be a core part of your businesses. Affordable, high-quality products ready to power your home.

Powerful Products

In every SUN’s solution, our global partners are committed
to provide thoroughly engineered, affordable products
with high social impact.

PAYG (Pay As You Go)
Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) system allows product leasing in a safe and reliable way by ensuring that the customers pay the recharge plan on time or otherwise, the system will automatically be switched off.
Solar kiosk is not just an ordinary kiosk. It is a highly optimised kiosk with solar panels on that produces its own energy and also additional energy to power other products.
Solar smart home allows customers to take their homes to the next level, where home appliances are operated and monitored through a connected system. With a predictive control using big data, automated safety and switch, it gives customers safety and green consciousness in mind. All are accessible through a finger's tap.

Save money, help the environment and empower
your community through SUN's solar home products

Get better control of your energy use and utility bills with clean, renewable energy. SUN can help to provide affordable financing for our high-quality solutions. At the same time, you will empower your local village.

5 Reason’s Why SUN

Our dedicated team is here to support you in every step
of the way
so you will have zero worries. We will guide you through
the process
and keep you updated with any new developments.
All it takes to start is these 5 steps

Delivering sustainable and smart power solutions

Advancing Indonesia’s economy by increasing electrification rate
using renewable energy. Start saving your energy
with a better control of your energy consumption,
save on your utility bills by using a clean and renewable energy.

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