Versatile kiosks generate its own energy,
while supplying extra energy for others

Easy to set up, affordable to own and empower those who do not have access
to electricity or basic appliances. Get started now to find out how our solar kiosks
can help you and your communities!


Solar kiosk uses solar power to generate electricity for rural off-grid communities for various uses.
It is a decentralised, easy-to-maintain source of energy. Kiosk operators are able to use the power
during the day and continue operating late into the night.

SUN's solar kiosks are not just places that offer power.
They also empower the locals to be energy heroes and entrepreneurs.

Solar kiosk uses a business model that enables a local entrepreneur to sell solar products
and provide solar-powered services to their community. It is a commercial enterprise,
which stations solar-powered units in kiosks in Indonesia’s remote and peri-urban areas,
thus creating a triple impact: social, environmental and economical.

Solar-powered, community-dedicated,
thoroughly engineered, sustainability-minded

Solar Kiosk is a solution to enable and empower people who live outside the national grid to connect to the world through electricity and internet. This activity centre will provide them with the means to conduct businesses more easily or just simply to let their kids explore the world through the internet.

5 Steps to improve economic
development through Solar Kiosk

Benefits solar kiosks bring to the improvement
of the country’s economic development.

Delivering sustainable and smart power solutions

Advancing Indonesia’s economy by increasing electrification rate
using renewable energy. Start saving your energy
with a better control of your energy consumption,
save on your utility bills by using a clean and renewable energy.

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